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Monday, December 10, 2007

Great game, fantastic atmosphere, poor sportsmanship

Two of the best soccer programs in the area (Caddo Magnet, Captain Shreve) faced off Monday night in another classic showdown. This time, it was Shreve upending No. 5 Magnet, 1-0.

Magnet head coach Radi Baltov gave all the props to Shreve for the win, but he knows his club is the better of the two...and it is. Sorry Shreve parents.

Magnet's club is better on several fronts - not Monday though.

Want to know how much this game meant to Shreve? Freshman Connor Randel, who scored the game-winning goal, was in tears over the accomplishment. The Gators faced a serious setback when it lost to Byrd last week and needed a great showing against their rival.

This isn't the U.S. hockey team upsetting the Russians in Lake Placid, but it's a pretty big upset for local soccer.

The atmosphere was absolutely amazing. Only the Shreve-Magnet game could have produced such an outpouring of support from fans, parents and students. I'll put it this way. It was like Shreve facing Byrd or Calvary meeting Evangel in football.

One thing that was upsetting was the number of times players challenged the officials' rulings on the field. Players on both sides grumbled vehemently at the head official throughout the game. A Magnet player even fired back after the game: "Hey ref, shouldn't you be leaving with Shreve?" Wow. Where are the coaches in that situation?


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