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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bastrop against Minden

I talked to Bastrop coach Brad Bradshaw on Wednesday, and he was rather short with his answers. Apparently he feels he has been mistreated by the media after his program was penalized by the LHSAA for student transfer problems.
I understand he may feel beseiged. What he needs to understand is that he doesn't work for himself. Not allowing students to be interviewed following a game - as happened after the Ruston-Bastrop game if not every week - doesn't hurt the newspaper. We will have a story.
School is a time for learning, and learning to deal with people in various aspects of life is part of that. Students shouldn't be shielded from life.
Furthermore, he is a public image for Bastrop High and even the town of Bastrop. Wrong or not, people who hear about the Bastrop football team will, at least in part, transfer their feelings to the town and school.


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