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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Division I boys soccer championship

Woodlawn-Baton Rouge vs. Caddo Magnet

Caddo Magnet 2, Woodlawn 1
The Mustangs are Division I state champs.

74th minute
Marcus Dyer has just made things interesting. Dyer scores off a throw-in to make it a 2-1 game.

72nd minute
Less than eight minutes left and the Mustangs can taste the state title. Woodlawn has attacked Caddo Magnet and stepped up its offense in the second half. The Mustangs are in lockdown mode keeping everything away from keeper Chris Hilario.

64th minute
Caddo Magnet can start celebrating...A miscue on defense for Woodlawn freed Alex Blandin to score, making it 2-0 for the Mustangs. A loose ball in the crease left Blandin 1-on-1 with the Woodlawn keeper.

60th minute
20 minutes remaining in the game and the Panthers have considerable life still left in them. A free kick was just glanced over the Magnet crossbar. Magnet better tighten up defensively.

52nd minute

Woodlawn has its best offensive opportunity of the night, sending a ball just wide of the Mustangs' net off a free kick.

47th minute
Caddo Magnet is flirting with getting its second goal, and Woodlawn has shown some life as well. Magnet keeper Chris Hilario hasn't been challenged nearly as much as Woodlawn's Sterling Perryman.

Magnet 1, Woodlawn 0

28th minute

It's been all Mustangs through the first half. Woodlawn coach Andrew Barnes needs to make an adjustment and start taking some chances for the Panthers to have a shot.

15th minute
Adam West! What an amazing goal! West just scored the most beautiful goal of the tournament, getting a long feed from Steven Bush, West headed it past the Woodlawn keeper who had no shot at it.
Magnet 1, Woodlawn 0.

14th minute
Woodlawn is counterattacking for the first time. The Panthers' offense gets a corner out of it, but Magnet sends them back.

10th minute
The Mustangs are continuing to threaten. Victor Leuck just missed a wide-open net from an awkward angle. Caddo Magnet is hungry for a goal.

4th minute

The Mustangs look good in the opening minutes. Woodlawn is dropping back what looks like an army on the defense. The Mustangs are dominating through the midfield and playing good possession ball.

I'm stunned by the crowd that is waiting to get in. The line stretches from the ticket office back to the parking lot, nearly 100 feet.

The game will kick off in about 15 minutes, and already we've got the largest crowd of the four games ready to see woodlawn and Caddo Magnet. There's a nice line of traffic leading up to Independence Stadium and a lengthy line of fans waiting to buy tickets.


Blogger trudeau said...

thanks for the blogging; as a person who couldn't make the tourney because of an out-of-town funeral, this meets my needs perfectly.

8:16 PM  

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