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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Huntington's pretty good

After checking out Huntington for the second time this season -- and many more if you count summer league -- I've come to a conclusion.

The Raiders are pretty good.

Before you say, "Duh", hear me out.

I thought they Raiders were good in the summer. But they have played the first half of the season without Shamir Davis.

He was back tonight against Natchitoches Central. Although he scored only one point, his return means the Raiders will be just that much deeper in the backcourt.

The other reason Huntington is good is the Raiders aren't strictly a backcourt-oriented team. They also have a strong inside game with Kendrick Washington. He can score inside, but perhaps more importantly, he can alter and block shots.

This is a team that with any kind of a favorable bracket should be playing in Lafayette at the Top 28. After being the victim of a horrible call to end their playoff hopes last year, this is a team that deserves some good fortune.


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