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Monday, January 14, 2008

Think you've got it tough

All high school coaches put in extra work outside their jobs. That's a given.

Whether its driving a bus, mowing a field or just getting the practice field in shape, coaches do more than just coach.

Then there are the coaches at Stanley -- and I'm sure other smaller schools in our state and coverage area.

Brian Anderson and Josh Foshee are the two head coaches on staff at the Class C DeSoto Parish school. Anderson coaches the boys and Foshee the girls.

Yes, that's right. Not boys and girls basketball. The boys and the girls.

Anderson doubles as the baseball coach while Foshee splits his time coaching basketball and softball. Both coaches were pulling double-duty as we arrived to shoot mug shots today.

Anderson put it succinctly, "We practice baseball when it's daylight and then go practice basketball afterward."

He's not complaining though. "It would be different if I had some (unlikeable kids). But these are really good kids I've got."


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