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Friday, August 31, 2007

Huntington's reeling

So much for Huntington High School being a surprise football team this year.

A long list of LHSAA violations will cost the school any chance of a trip to the playoffs. There's also a $13,000 fine coming to the school.

And, oh yeah, head football coach Mike Green will likely lose his job next week.

What a way to start a season.

This is a sad, sordid story. The only hope is that someone will learn from this.


Blogger Carlton said...

Yes it is sad indeed but I wonder why Henry is punishing thode kids. He should just punish Green because he is the one responsible for the team Im sure those kids didn't know anything about what's going on and thought it was ok for them to play. Those kids should not have to suffer. I think the decision he's making is very wrong and harsh.I don't want to play the race card or anything but I dont think it would ECA or C.E Bryd would have got the same punishment.

1:37 PM  

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