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Friday, August 24, 2007

Busy Jamboree Friday

Catholics have their Good Friday. Football fanatics have Jamboree Friday.

Usually each year, I'm at a jamboree covering a couple of teams, but this season, The Times is doing something different - shooting more video for the Web site.

So I logged plenty of miles driving from Airline High School to Independence Stadium back to Airline.

I'm really impressed with Byrd's students. That is one supportive bunch of kids. There was at least 200 of them. They've got cheers for their boys, jeers for the other team and are into the game. They were even cheering for the JV game. They might have the best student section of any local high school.

Best band from jamboree night? Airline. Any band that can play some White Stripes is OK by me. And whoever is in that Viking mascot outfit, my heart goes out to them. It's kind of funny to see this massive felt head of a Viking atop this petite 100-pound cheerleader's frame.

Best post-game pep talk? Southwood's Scott Abernathy. He was not a happy man following the Cowboys' 20-7 loss to Byrd. He was challenging everything about his players - their heart, their will, their determination. He said it best: The Cowboys have more athletes than Byrd, but Byrd had more leaders and heart on Friday.

Best play of the night? Darius Prelow's 92-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. The kid juked out 3 Byrd defenders before racing down the sideline for the score. You can watch on the jamboree video on The Times' home page.

Ah, you got to love the start of high school football.


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