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Monday, January 28, 2008

Cooper down to two

Calvary wide receiver Khiry Cooper is down to Nebraska and Arkansas for destination's for his college athletic career.

Sure an MLB team could possibly make college football a moot point for the toolsy center fielder, but Cooper is keeping an open mind about his options.

Some may find it hard to do that as Cooper is busy starting in three sports at Calvary. Factor in schoolwork, these official visits and months of visual poking and prodding by pro baseball scouts and that makes for a hectic year. However, Cooper has kept his wits about him.

"At times you find it hard to balance it," he said. "You think about it and how lucky you are. I get stressed out and I become in awe. A lot of people want to be in my position. When you're a top recruit, you’re honored and realize how blessed you are. Some weekends I could have gone to visits and I went to church camps. I put God first and it will all work out."

I realize factoring God into any athletic equation has become cliched and seems disingenuous, but the few times I've spoken with Cooper, it seems to come from the heart.

I'm sure Cooper could be one heck of a college receiver. He could probably be a good college basketball player. Personally, I'd love to see him try his hand at baseball.

Black major leaguers are bemoaning the lack of blacks coming up in the game. Cooper's skills and personality are a Torii Hunter-like mix and everyone saw how popular Hunter was in Minnesota.

Regardless, wherever Khiry Cooper ends up, that team or school is getting a quality athlete and a quality individual.


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