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Friday, September 21, 2007

Evangel keeps rolling along

It's late in the fourth quarter, Evangel is holding a 28-7 lead over a clearly beaten Springhill team and the Eagles have the ball again.

Do the Eagles plug in reserves and get their backups some reps? No. Do they run a few dives into the line with star tailback CerDerrick Tyson and burn off the clock? No.

What they do is leave in Tyson and starting quarterback Dez Duron, throwing the ball on nine of their final 12 plays. Evangel added a field goal with 74 seconds left to push the score to 31-7.

Evangel coach John Bachman explained that he wanted to get his first-teamers a chance to get in a few more plays, especially since the Eagles were playing only their third game in the fourth week of the season.

"We had the opportunity to teach our kids," Bachman said. "You only get so many reps. As much as you want to play the younger kids, you've got to get the varsity ready."

And I believe him, though I can't think that reasoning will be enough for Springhill coach Joey Pesses and others down the road. "I'm not gonna get into that," Pesses said after the game.

Had I been the one on the sidelines - and goodness knows Evangel fans should be thankful I'm not, I would have probably elected to shut the offense down and run out the clock. It looked a little too questionable, at least to my eyes.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one.


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