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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Let the playoff games begin

I love postseason baseball - just not in the LHSAA.

This is a drum I've been beating for 20-plus years. A single elimination playoff system is a joke. That's right a J-O-K-E joke.

I'm from Mississippi where they played two-out-of-three series. My first job was in Texas where they had two-out-of-three series leading up to the state tournament. Then I moved to Louisiana in the mid-1980s and, wow, was I shocked.

Here are the reasons I hate this format:

1) You can ride one pitcher all the way to the state tournament
2) The best team doesn't always win the state title.
3) One bad bounce -- or one bad call - can do a team in for the playoffs.

I could go on but you probably get the point.

I have found coaches locally on both sides. Some like the pressure of a one-and-done situation others prefer a format to determine the best team.

Me, give me a two-of-three series or, at the least, a double-elimination tournament. Anything is better than this format.


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