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Saturday, November 18, 2006

I respect Ronnie Alexander, but ...

What the Eagles did Friday night at Haynesville was absolutely uncalled for. I will stop short of calling head coach Ronnie Alexander classless or any thing else, because that's not for me to judge, but there was absolutely nothing good that was going to come from Evangel throwing the ball with less than two minutes to go and up 43-0.

Not that the Evangelites care, but this will not make anyone sad if Calvary takes them out next week. I wonder what Doug Pederson would do if he had the chance to run it up Friday?

In college, it's different, the kids are definitely more mature. And in the NFL .. no problem.

But in high school, give me a break. Take the 43-0 win and go home.

Don't give the state another reason to dislike your program.


Blogger kjl854 said...

Why does everyone love to hate Evangel? And why does everyone say that they "would never run up the score"? Let the boys play, and let them score! There was no problem when Evangel was a young team and other teams would score up to 70 points against them! It doesn't matter. We still LOVE going to the dome!!!

9:55 AM  

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